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HTK-BS06.2 Luftwaffe in Africa paint set


Luftwaffe planes in Northern Africa appx. since April 1941 used the dedicated 3-tone desert camouflage of RLM 79/80/78. The topside of aircraft was factory painted in RLM 79 overall (initially in lighter tone, later changed to darker version), with lower surfaces in RLM 78. Position of demarcation line between 79 and 78 on fuselage sides depended on aircraft type and its producer. RLM 80 was used for irregular blotches over top and side surfaces on selected types, applied mostly in field units.

HTK-BS06.2 includes standard camouflage colours of Luftwaffe planes in Northern Africa. The set contains:

  • HTK-B014 – Sand-Yellow (RLM79a) - Factory colour of upper surfaces in early Luftwaffe Mediterranean scheme (appx. from April 1941 till end of the year / early 1942)
  • HTK-B172 – Sand-Brown (RLM79b) – Factory colour of upper surfaces in late Luftwaffe Mediterranean scheme (appx. from late 1941 / early 1942 till withdrawal from Africa)
  • HTK-B053 – Olive-Green (RLM80) – Used for blotches (applied in field units over RLM 78/79) on upper surfaces and fuselage sides in Luftwaffe Mediterranean scheme
  • HTK-B314 – Light Blue (RLM78) – Standard factory colour of lower surfaces (and fuselage sides of some Bf 109E/F/G and Bf 110G) in Luftwaffe Mediterranean scheme
  • HTK-B040 – Black-Grey (RLM66) - Standard Luftwaffe colour of instrument panels and cockpit areas visible from outside (anti-glare function) throughout the war
  • HTK-B066 – Insignia Yellow (RLM04) - Standard Luftwaffe colour of various markings / insignia (in use on engine cowling, fuselage band, spinner, vertical stabilizer, etc.)


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HTK-BS06.2 Luftwaffe in Africa paint set

HTK-BS06.2 Luftwaffe in Africa paint set

HTK-BS06.2 Luftwaffe in Africa paint set

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